In 1953, Edith Pelgrims de Bigard, in the search for the ideal place to live, discovered a tiny fishing town called Is Tellas. She fell in love with the crystal clear waters and serenity of the bay.  Edith was from Belgium and had travelled the world looking for beautiful places. She decided South East Sardinia was the best, and chose to build her new home there.

She bought much of the land in the area and renamed the town ‘Torre Delle Stelle’ (which translates to ‘Tower of the Stars’.) She used that name because there was, and still is, a Saracen tower on the property – part of an ancient maritime defense system. To make the place livable, she built roads and had electricity and a water system installed.

62 years later, Torre Delle Stelle has developed into a charming holiday escape with sea as clear and blue as ever. The town is known by the locals as a beautiful, quaint summer escape.